Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr123)

29.9.1432 (Monday 29 September 1432)

document 47900985

expenses of the park in the stipend of Walt Botilgate park keeper there and of the same said warrener per annum by statute of the lord Rich de Veer late earl of Oxford 10s item to the same for his clothes by the said statute 13s4d item in four cartloads of hay for the horse of the said park keeper who is also the warrener for the said hay 10s item in one cart load of straw for bedding for his horse by the said statute 12d nothing here because Edw Tyrell purchased and in the fee of the park keeper and he should have the paying of the same 40s at Stansted as part of the 42s as illegible text for his lifetime item payment to Nich Parker and Jn his brother as their fee for keeping the said park and the said warren by a statute of the lord the now earl of which each takes per week 14d 6l i16d