Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr123)

29.9.1432 (Monday 29 September 1432)

document 47901124

expenses and payments outside a payment as one whole fifteenth at the feast of st mark and a third part of the fifteenth at the feast of easter within the time of this account to the lord king lately granted in then manor 13s4d as thus for the whole fifteenth 10s item a payment for repairing and mending cribs and racks for horses being within the priory at liberty this year 10d in eight virgates of cloth called ben# bought for the saddle cloths for the carters of the lord's carts this year at a price to the lord at Bury St Edmunds of 3s price per virgate 4d1h in eight virgates of linen cloth bought for lining the said saddle cloths 2s price per virgate 3d in the expenses of Thos Mordon riding as far as Bury St Edmunds for buying the said cloth going and returning with one cart hired for the same 6d in one cart hired for one of the lord's servants to carry two deer as far as the king's house at Eltham going and returning for three days 2s in two carts of hay from Wm But of Tey for the lord's horses 10s item in the carting of the same hay from Tey as far as the priory of Colne 2s8d 20d item in hay bought by Jn Waterman from Jn Scidate for the said horses 2s item in straw bought by the said Jn of Edm Goldyng for bedding of the said horses 20d in the carting of the same said straw 4d item in four quarts 4bush of oats bought for the lord's horses there on divers occasions 15s price per quart 3s4d item a payment for three two cart loads of hay carted from Creppynge as far as Castle Hengham during the summer for three days 6s as per day 2s because it is as the price of his amercement recognised to the end of the time of the lord item a payment for the carriage of one reche called the dragge from Colchester as far as Castle Hengham 8d item a payment for leading the lord's horses from Colne as far as Castle Hengham this year on four occasions 8d as for each occasion 2d item a payment to Robt Filbryk helping to drive the beasts lately taken by name distrained of the abbot of St Osith from Benteleigh as far as Earls Colne to the park with Jn Baron 2d item in one cart load of hay bought by Jn Waterman for the lord's horses against the feast of pentecost 5s with carriage item a payment for the carriage of 6bush of salt from Colchester to the lord's household at Castle Hengham 6d in plaice and sole bought for the lord for a day at Chelmsford against the holiday of john with 2s for carriage 7s4d in the expenses of the lord's carter at Colne by the way towards Colchester and returning on three divers occasions 2s in 2bush of peas delivered to the same as provender for the horse 4d 9d item in the expenses of Jn Daissy the lord's carter going with a cart as far as Colchester on another occasion and returning by the way 8d because among the 2s above and shown