Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr123)

29.9.1432 (Monday 29 September 1432)

document 47901204

respites and from which respited by him 21d1f levied on 4bush of oats as the return of a sale upon the account as the issue of one fee it is now known where it ought to be taken as it is said by the said accountant upon his oath therefore by a decision of the lord's auditor it should continue in respite until an enquiry of the lord's tenants before the steward of the court being sworn speak their sworn statement thereof and in the next account it is certified by the auditor etc and to the same for the arrears of the same for three years last preceding 5s3d3f per annum 21d1f and also a respite of 4li levied among the arrears above as the amercement of Jn Eyr for waste lately made by him in the lord's manor there at a time in which it was farmed of the said manor because the same said Jn had left home and should hold nothing within the lord's demesne whereof he should be respited as far as the other sum for the lord until the next account so that for the half of the time that he was there it should be investigated if it should be levied anew and also respited to him 11li levied among the arrears above as in the preceding for stray cattle or money which should have been received and remains in the hands of Jn Hyne which the same said Jn alleges in vain to have delivered except for 66s8d of the same said money received held of his delivery as his own money to keep to his use and none other which certain 66s8d the same said Jn repaid of the aforesaid money previously taken to Jn Lolleworth in the presence of two of the lord's tenants seeking of the same said money as it was truly allowed to him whereof he effected the respite to continue for the other sum for the lord with clear conscience until advised by his counsel what he wishes thereof to spend