Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr123)

29.9.1488 (Monday 29 September 1488)

document 47901833

delivery of money and in money delivered to Clem Hengham the lord's receiver there as the issue of his office this year on five occasions viz the first time 60s8d upon the wages of his bailiff there the second time 6li16d for the enquiry of the keeper of the park there upon his wages on the third occasion 117s2d both for the farm of 16a of meadow 53s4d mowing sowing and hay making the same 35s8d with the carriage of the same and for certain payments 16s8d for Robt Smith and his son hired for the said hay for the expenses of the horses of the lord there impounded and five feet of planking 11s6d delivered by the same of the controller of the lord's household by a bill delivered the fourth time 6li by the hands of Peter Johnson for oats upon the expenses of the horses of the said lord and on the fifth occasion 112s11d1h in ready money as shown both by divers bills returned and by recognition of the receiver himself upon this account etc 26li12s6d1h