Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr123)

29.9.1488 (Monday 29 September 1488)

document 47901847

sum of allowances and aforesaid deliveries 29li12s9d and owed 56s2d1h and from which delivered to Clem Hengham the lord's receiver there as in divers repairs made upon the palings of the park there by a bill illegible text 43s2d1h remaining upon the account 39s1d1h and an allowance to the same 3s8d for divers of the aforesaid repairs to add to the same in the said illegible text specified etc and to the same 10s as the whole of the fifteenth of this demesne paid to the lord king at the feast of the nativity of st john baptist and of st martin in the summer at the time of this account this year etc and owed 3s afterwards levied as 14s as the arrears of his account in the last preceding year as shown at the foot of the same and owed as the sum of the account 17s and from which allowed to him as the amercement of Rich Rysing and nothing had in oxen or cattle on the land or held which could be distrained for a sum up on the oath of the accountant and owed 16s