Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr123)

29.9.1490 (Wednesday 29 September 1490)

document 47902074

issues of the manor and of 10s as the farm of the site of the manor with the dovecote called The Halgarden as let to Jn Rydnall this year then at a rent paid of 13s4d per annum and a return of 7s as a farm of three crofts next to the ponds called Bromecroftes late in the tenure of the said Jn Ridnale and afterwards of Jn Mugge this year nothing because no profits thereof issuing on the oath of the accountant and a return of 12d as the farm of one piece of garden next to the churchyard lately let to Jn Tredgold glazier and now let to Wm Brown this year then at a rent paid of 16s (sic) per annum and of 2d as the farm of one building next to the manor gateway for one stable to be made on as let to Jn Prior this year and of 6s as the price of bast within the park there for making basten ropes as let to the aforesaid accountant     for a term of twenty years this year of his term the third (sic) and the price of wood and underbrush there sold this year nothing returned here because nothing was sold there this year and no return as the price of charcoal there made and sold this year because none was made there for the aforesaid time and no return for the agistment of animals and pannage of pigs within the said park there this year then reserved to the park keeper of the lord thereof both for this year and the two last preceding years and to be held against the next