Earls Colne Accounts (D/DPr123)

29.9.1490 (Wednesday 29 September 1490)

document 47902143

sum of the aforesaid allowances and deliveries 29li4s8d and owed 9li2s4d and from which allowed to him 25s as a sum of money paid by him to the collector of the lord king both for the half of the fifteenth 5s and the tenth part 20s of this manor for this year and respited to him 11d for the tithe of one cottage 7d on the north part of the church there and one tenement called Risyng 4d this year by a bill and to the same 6s8d for the carting of four cartloads of the pavement tile from Colne as far as Castle Hengham for the [tennis] tenyseplay there by mandate of the lord this year etc and owed 7li9s9d and to the same 16s as the rent of the said priory this year as in the preceding and to the same 10s as the farm of Sandehyll beyond the above allowance within the sum of 53s4d and owed 6li3s9d