Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr123)

29.9.1496 (Thursday 29 September 1496)

document 47902686

sum allowed and aforesaid deliveries 24li5s3d and owed 10li4s10d and from which allowed to him 7li4s2d as part of the 15li4s2d for divers debts of Jn Tey keeper of the park of Colne upon his fee for three and a half years at the feast of the annunciation last past owed within the time of this account occurring this year as shown by a warrant of the said lord dated 18.4.11Hen7 among the memoranda of this year remaining a further 8li allowed in the account of the farm of the farm of Maldon in part payment or in advanced payment of the said sum of 15li2s2d and owed 60s8d which was allowed to him for as much money paid by him to the said Jn Tey upon the fee and his aforesaid wages owed to him from the said feast of the annunciation.11Hen7 until michaelmas.12Hen7 namely for half a year occurring within the time of this account and equal