Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr124)

29.9.1446 (Thursday 29 September 1446)

document 48000184

allowance of rents and in the allowance of the rent of a certain tenement called Hayhouse above levied under the title of rents of assize as 20s for the year because the same said tenement with all its appurtenances was seized into the hands of the lord by escheat for default of the claim by the rightful heir of the same and returned to the lord of the right price of the same above under the title of issues of land and thus in an allowance of 20s and in the loss of the farm of a certain tenements called Werkemans above levied at 14s6d per annum in the hands of the lord and let only for 7s3d per annum and thus in a loss of 7s3d