Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr125)

29.9.1451 (Wednesday 29 September 1451)

document 48100469

expenses of necessaries and in parchment for writing this account for the year as was allowed in the preceding account 12d and in the expenses of the steward holding the court there this year as shown by a roll of the same 13s and in a statutory payment to the collectors of the fifteenth of the lord king this year as for the fourth part of one fifteenth granted to him in his parliament at Westminster last held 2s6d and in the expenses of divers men riding from this manor as far as Ipswich in the month of july within the time of this account for a certain Thos Skynner carrying partridges# for the lord king as far as London by special mandate of the lord 8s and in the expenses of Thos Cisteke keeper of the lord's cart being there with the said cart and six horses on divers occasions within the said time of this account for carting divers goods of the lord from Hyngyngham as far as Wevenho this year by a bill 15s9d and a payment for mending and packing with rubble the head of two ponds there this year altogether by a mandate of the lord 20d 3s2d