Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr109 translation c1590 of D/DPr126)

29.9.1457 (Thursday 29 September 1457)

document 48200178

the issues of the manor and of 7s8d of agistments within the park there from the feast of the invention of holy cross even to the gula augusti this year beside 22s6d of the agistment of fifteen colts of the lord there agisted by the whole year and of 10s4d of the farm of the situation of the manor there with the dovehouse so demised to Simon Levinton by year yet the rent paid 13s4d and of 16d of the farm of one piece of the garden near the churchyard there so demised to Jn Tredgold glazier by court roll and of 15s received of Jn Maymond for the farm of all the bast within the park there so to him demised for term of seven years this being the second and of 5s10d received of Thos Pannoll of Coggeshall for five hundred faggots in Hansershedge this year made there and sold to the same Thos at the price of 14d the hundred and of 14d received for the crops of the oaks felled for pales to be made of for the enclosing of the park there so sold to Robt Sowdior
in the hands of Rich Harlakenden senior the lops of oaks