Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr128)

29.9.1467 (Tuesday 29 September 1467)

document 48400013

rents and farms and of 17li21d as the rents of assize there per annum for the free tenants and customary with 3d for 1lb of cumin and 20d as the price of five capon of the rent there per annum and of 12li6s9d1h as the farm of divers lands there as appears by a rental and of 53s4d as the farm of 16a of meadow there for this year and of 10s4d as the farm of the site of the manor with the dovehouse there this year and of 16d as the farm of a parcel of the garden of the manor next to the cemetery there so demised to Jn Tredgold