Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr131)

29.9.1501 (Wednesday 29 September 1501)

document 48701131

wages with necessary expenses and in the wages of this accountant at 2d a day for his office for the year granted by letters patent of the lord viz in the allowance of his fees during the time of this account 60s8d and in the expenses of the steward and others being here for holding courts this year as shown by the rolls 5s and in monies paid for parchment bought for the roll of this account to be written this year as it is allowed in the preceding account 12d and in monies by the said accountant paid to Jn Tay park keeper there for this year at 4d a day granted to him by the lord for performing his office this year here allowed 6li20d and in monies allowed in the same account for divers years for divers persons owed there who went away and nothing taken in goods for which he was allowed 19d