Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr132)

29.9.1497 (Friday 29 September 1497)

document 48800277

sum allowed and the aforesaid deliveries 30li4s9d and owed 46s8d and from him allowed for the whole fifteenth paid to the collector of the taxes of the lord king on 31.5. within the time of the account occurring to the aforesaid lord king in the last illegible text granted as shown by the acquittance of the collector himself upon the illegible text account returned and among the memoranda of illegible text remaining and to the same 20s for the first half of the subsidy called the ha====== order paid to the collector of the said lord king of the aforesaid subsidy at the same said time by a grant of the aforesaid prior as shown by acquittance of the collector himself similarly upon this account standing and remaining and owed 16s8d and from which allowed 3s4d for divers amercements of outlaws because nothing could be distrained of goods or chattels upon the oath of the said accountant and owed 13s4d