Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr132)

29.9.1497 (Friday 29 September 1497)

document 48800287

farm of the manor the same returning an account of 19li as the farm of the manor there with all the lands meadows pastures and pasturage of the demesne rents and fines and profits of the court and all other things pertaining to the said manor as let to the aforesaid accountant to farm for a term of     years to the paid at the feast of easter and michaelmas equally this year the first and wardships marriage reliefs escheats fines of the lands and strays valid for the same     and the advowry of the church the wood and underbrush there after fireboot ploughboot and cartboot issuing and reserved to the lord and as mentioned above the aforesaid lord and his heirs quit the said farm against the lord king and his ministers of all taxes and tallage to the same said lord king granted or conceded and also