Queen's Bench Ancient Indictments (PRO KB9/683 1 33)

3.9.1585 (Friday 3 September 1585)

document 13700117

they say that Hen Abbotte junior resident within the precinct of this leet drew blood of one Wm Clark and utterly maimed and lamed the finger of the said Wm and further that the foresaid Hen Abbotte in the night time having on only his shirt came out of his doors into the highway and greatly disturbed the watchmen being then set in watch according to the laws of this realm of England and also that the said Hen Abbotte being then resident within the precinct of this leet and having charge of the constables to ward the next day did utterly refuse to do the said service and came not to perform the same service although the same constables had commandment from the commissioners of our sovereign lady the queen to do the same service and also the said Hen Abbotte hath railed upon many of his honest neighbours and abused them with very gross reproaches and words and further that the said Hen Abbotte at many days and times now past hath used to play at cards dice tables and other unlawful games and finally the foresaid Hen Abbotte was much given to contention and did stir up many strifes and discords between his neighbours whereby many suits and actions were by him moved and grown for which offences the said Hen Abbotte is amerced 5li