King's Bench Ancient Indictments (PRO KB11/14 part 1)

12.4.1690 (Saturday 12 April 1690)

document 13900015

the jury for the king upon oath present that Francis Gardener of Stisted in the county of Essex clerk Hen Abbott of Earls Colne in the county aforesaid gentleman and Rich Haward of Earls Colne aforesaid yeoman with divers other malefactors 12.4.2WmM1 with force and arms etc did fish at Wm Lynwood's esq of Stisted 2.3. in a certain river called Stisted River in a certain pool called Martin's Pool in the river aforesaid fish viz pikes roach dass gudgeons eels and tench there illicitly fishing without the licence of the aforesaid Wm Lyngwood forty fish called pikes worth 13s4d a hundred fish called roach 8s4d one hundred of fish called dass 4s one hundred and twelve fish called gudgeons 2s1d one hundred fish called eels 13s4d and one hundred fish called tench 8s4d of the fish of Wm Lyngwood in the same fishing called Stisted River aforesaid now and then did discover the same Francis Gardiner Hen Abbott and Rich Haward now and then illegally and against the wishes of Wm Lyngwood had fished and carried away to the great damage of him Wm Lyngwood and against the peace of the king and queen