Assize Indictments (PRO ASSI35/52/T)

16.7.1610 (Monday 16 July 1610)

document 14000709

that Hen Abbot in his proper person comes and says that the indictment is insufficient offence under the act of 1Mary1 chapter three Hen Abbot interrupted the sermon of Thos Grenefeild in his parish church illegible textThos Greenfeild of Earls Colne clerk being licensed by Thos Ravis bishop of London to expound the word of god in Earls Colne aforesaid 25.11.8Jas1 said in the parish church there illegible text of children and servants ought to have as illegible text their bodies a certain Hen Abbott of the same immediately after these words were uttered said now he prateth against his master to the great disturbance of the said Grenfeild and the parishioners in the church and the aforesaid Hen Abbott comes in his proper person and says that the indictment was insufficient in the law and that by the act of parliament of 5.10.1Mary1 it was enacted that no person willingly of set purpose molesting or impeding any preacher come under this act but in the indictment it is not alleged that he did of set purpose interrupt illegible text (act of 1Mary1 chapter three an act against offenders of preachers and other ministers in the church) (not in the gaol calendar)