Assize Indictments (PRO ASSI35/180)

1740 (1740)

document 14300286

the jurors present that Jn Fincham late of White Colne labourer 15.11.13Geo2 etc about the hour of twelve o'clock at night the same day with force and arms in the parish aforesaid (White Colne) the dwelling house of one Sam Bunton (possibly a mistake for Burton ) there situate (in White Colne) feloniously and burglariously did break and enter and two brass skillets of the value of 4s and two linen bags of the value of 2d and one sack of the value of 2d of the goods and chattels of the said Sam Burton in the same dwelling house then and there found then and there feloniously and burglariously did steal take and carry away against the peace of our said lord the king etc puts hiself not guilty nor fled discharged