Assize Indictments (PRO ASSI35/190/11)

13.3.23Geo2 (Tuesday 13 March 1750)

document 14300484

articles for the breach of the peace exhibited at the session of oyer and terminer held at Chelmsford in and for the county of Essex on tuesday 13.3.23Geo2 by Abrm Dugard of Earls Colne in the said county of Essex shopkeeper against Geo Banister a prisoner in the gaol of our said lord the king of the said county of Essex first the said Abrm Dugard upon his oath saith that on 4.9.last past being then constable at Earls Colne aforesaid he the said Abrm Dugard had in his custody the above Geo Banister on a charge of having feloniously stolen goods property of one Sarah Hassell spinster and that thereupon the said Geo Banister maliciously declared to him this deponent that when he the said Geo should or could have his liberty he would destroy him this deponent and all his family or the like purport and effect secondly that the said Geo Banister did afterward on the same day declare in an open and public manner that he would destroy him this deponent if ever he the said Geo Banister had the liberty by which this deponent apprehended his intention to be to murder him this deponent thirdly this deponent upon his said oath saith that he doth not exhibit the above articles against the said Geo Banister out of malice or ill will but only for the preservation of his life and the security of his person from bodily harm sworn in court at Chelmsford the 16.3.1750 before J Lilly Abrm Dugard