Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr21)

4.4.1616 (Thursday 4 April 1616)

document 33500643

item it is shown by the homage that Roger Marche of Great Birch Essex yeoman late customary tenant of the manor after the last court and before this court surrendered into the hands of the lord of the aforesaid manor by the hands of Thos Upcher instead of the bailiff in the presence of Jn Brownson and Jn Crick two customary tenants of the manor two crofts of land containing 5a now built on parcel of six crofts called Seven Acres lying altogether between a lane leading towards Bowerfeild on one part and lands called Slowcrofts and Debenhams on the other part and one pightle containing 2r lying against the king's highway next to and adjoining Bartonfeild by name three crofts of land containing 5a more or less which premises the aforesaid Roger held for himself and his heirs as by copy of a roll of the said court here in court produced and shown bearing the date .10.1610# it is clearly shown and appears to the use and behoof of Thos Marchant of the aforesaid Great Birch yeoman illegible text the full sum of 80li of good and legal English money and against payment thereof made to the aforesaid Thos Marchant his executors or assigns and then after such payment thereof made that the land and aforesaid premises should remain to the use and behoof of Susan Marche daughter of the aforesaid Roger her heirs and assigns forever which same certain aforesaid sum of money was made and faithfully paid to the aforesaid Thos Marchant by Eliz Marche as the executor of the aforesaid Roger Marche upon which upon which it was considered here in court by a certain writing signed and sealed and delivered by the aforesaid Thos Marchant that he himself remitted released and resigned all right title interest and demand which he has or would have in the aforesaid premises illegible text the tenor of which in these following words to all christian people to whom this present writing shall come know that I Thos Marchant of Great Birch yeoman do send greetings in our lord god everlasting that one Roger Marche of the said town and county yeoman did by his surrender in writing bearing date illegible text last past surrender into the hands of the lord of the manor of Earls Colne by the hands of Jn Browneson and Jn Crick customary tenants of the said manor one house with the lands and the appurtenances thereunto belonging and in the occupation of Jn Crick or his assigns to the use of me the said Thos Marchant whereby I illegible text of the said house and lands together with the rents of other lands likewise surrendered illegible text and holden of other manors illegible text I should be fully satisfied and paid the full sum illegible text as shall be also due for the use thereof and after that I should be so satisfied the illegible text other uses as are mentioned and illegible text the said surrender and other surrenders of illegible text do and may appear now know ye that the said Thos Marchant illegible text I have wholly renounced and refuse and by this present writing do illegible text of the said house and lands and other illegible text not intermeddle with the same or ordering and disposing thereof to such persons illegible text ..1615# Robt Bereman and Jn Bereman to this same said court came the aforesaid Eliz and Susanna the daughter (illegible but probably admitted to the land)