Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr25)

16.3.1714 (Tuesday 16 March 1714)

document 36200161

at a court held 30.3.     Gilb Smith was admitted to two orchards one lying on the north part of a free tenement there and containing 2r and the other lying on the east part of the said messuage and containing 40p and to 20a of land or pasture more particularly mentioned and described with abuttals in and by the will of Ralph Josselin clerk deceased and after at the same court the said Gilb surrendered the premises to the use of his will and at a court held 26.5.1713 it appeared that the said Gilb died after the last court and proclamation was first made now at this court came Eliz Smith widow of the said Gilb and showed his last will dated 28.4.1710 the tenor concerning the premises in the following words item I give unto Eliz my loving wife and her heirs forever all my messuages farms lands and hereditaments whatsoever in the said county of Essex upon conditions that she or they shall by mortgage or sale of all or such part of the said premises as she shall think fit to raise monies and pay and discharge all my aforesaid legacies as shown etc upon which the said Eliz Smith was admitted etc and gave fine etc