Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr30)

31.12.1750 (Wednesday 31 December 1750)

document 37200902

also at this court found that Grace Hatch spinster since the last court on 1.12. surrendered by the hands of Rich Wale gentleman steward all and singular her messuages lands and tenements etc held of the manor with reversions etc to the use of the said Grace Hatch until the intended intermarriage between her and Isaac Philebrown of Mistley Thorne in the said county merchant shall be had and solemnised and from and immediately after the solemnisation thereof to the use of the said Grace Hatch and her assigns for life and after her death to the use of such estates etc as the said Isaac and the said Grace shall by deed surrender or writing limit and appoint and for default of such surrender etc and in case the marriage shall take effect to the use of the said Isaac and his assigns for life and after the several decease of Isaac and Grace to the use and intents etc as the said Grace Hatch shall as well during her coverture as being sole and notwithstanding her coverture by any deed etc or by her last will etc shall limit and appoint etc and for default of and in the meantime until such declaration etc to the use of the said Grace Hatch her heirs etc