Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr1)

8.6.1489 (Monday 8 June 1489)

document 53500192

and at this same court the lord granted out of his hands to Hen Powlyn his water mill with all buildings gates water channels banks pastures and meadow with their appurtenances pertaining and belonging to the same said mill called Colneford Mill for a term of years to have and to hold the aforesaid mill with buildings gates water channels banks pastures meadows and their appurtenances without making waste and destruction to the aforesaid Hen and his attorney from the feast of the annunciation before the date of this court until the end and determination of twenty one years next following and fully completed to return thereof annually to the same said prior and his successors 40s of legal money of England at the two annual terms viz at the feast of michaelmas and the annunciation in equal portions and to keep up and maintain all repairs thereof and all other charges arising in the meantime or belonging with their proper expenses both of the millstones the iron equipment and their woodwork plastering rammers the roofing the fencing and of the pasture timbering stubbings mud and sand and fencing of the river banks there from the aforesaid mill as far as the place called Caleys otherwise the said Swartpole concerning which the lord and his successors apportioned to the same repairs maintenance of the river bank and the said Hen should have to maintain all broken illegible text upon the banks of the aforesaid river there and keep up the fencing thereof and the same said Hen or his attorney should not have the aforesaid mill with all its appurtenances nor any parcel thereof without the assent of the prior and his successors to his admittance to final agreement and if payment of the aforesaid annual sum of 40s should be in arrears and not paid after any of the feasts for part payment as stated above for a space of fifteen days of if the aforesaid repairs are not done and made adequately and are kept up badly by the said Hen or his attorney that from then the same said prior and his successors should have the right to enter into the aforesaid mill and any parcel thereof and to restrain goods which can be seized there taken and carried away to be sold in satisfaction of the payment of the aforesaid annual rent and if sufficient good are not furnished there by the premises to fulfil his payment that from that time the same said lord and his successor will be able immediately to reenter into the aforesaid mill with all its appurtenances and to expel therefrom altogether for all future times Hen himself and his assigns and because the same said Hen in the beginning of his term is receiving two grindstones whereof one is 8i thick and the other 4i therefore he himself should hand over at the end of his aforesaid term the grindstones good to the same point of thickness and breadth without any allowance in the aforesaid accounts thereof and he should hand back and redeliver the mill with the gates water channels banks and fencings and all their appurtenances in as good a state as when he received the same at the same said close of the term and he gave to the lord for a fine for such a concession to hold thereof as is shown in the margin     and made fealty