Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr19)

17.6.1549 (Monday 17 June 1549)

document 53601386

and there is a precept to the bailiff to seize into the hands of the lord one croft of land called Tredgoldes Croft alias Glasyers and one piece of land lying on the western edge of the same croft of land called Brokhole and certain lands called Coes and Venors and divers lands and customary tenements called Buggys Wellfeld and Sonells now in the tenure of Edw Ashfeld gentleman without copies of warranted indentures or others according as he should have shown his indentures if he had any at the two last courts but no one came to show them therefore there is a precept to the said bailiff to seize the lands into the hands of the lord as above and to retain them in the hands of the lord and to render to the lord the profits and revenue thereof etc from the last taking of profits to this