Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr19)

29.5.1553 (Monday 29 May 1553)

document 53701085

it is shown by the homage that Avis Greye daughter and heir of Wm Greye son and heir of a certain Jn Greye who held for herself and her heirs from the lord as of this manor by the rod etc one small grove or bushet containing by estimation 1a2r called Colne Grove in Halsted died after the last court solely seised of and in the said small grove in her demesne as of fee according to the custom of the manor etc and they say further that Alice Rome aged 3yrs and more and Eliz Rome aged 2yrs and more are blood relatives of the said Avis and next coheirs thereof and it should be their right to the premises namely as daughters of a certain Margt Rome deceased sister of Wm Greye father of the aforesaid Avis who by Jn Roome as their attorney came and sought admittance thereof and thus it was shown by the homage therefore they were admitted thereof tenants of the lord to whom the steward of the lord delivered thereof seisin into the hands of the said attorney to hold for them their heirs and assigns from the lord by the rod etc and because the said Alice and Eliz are under age as stated above the custody both of the body of the said Alice and Eliz and the said little grove were committed to the aforesaid Jn Roome to hold for them during the minority of the same said Alice and Eliz from the lord by the rod etc and the said Jn Roome gave to the lord his fine for such custody of the said Alice and Eliz until they are of full age as is stated in the margin     and fealty thereof was respited