Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr20)

1.6.1556 (Monday 1 June 1556)

document 53800099

item they present that Jn Haseler sometime an inhabitant within the precincts of this leet is now a fugitive because and as an accessory he stole and received certain leadings iron chains and iron which metal he hid on his land in his curtilage for repairs and it was found there by the lord's bailiff and thus it was seised for the lord's use with all his movables goods and chattels and furthermore he has fled from his movables and goods the lord by his grace gave them to his wife to help her and her children and he left the town and from his chattels which was a white horse the lord had at his wish and request to the value of 20s and from the iron chains and iron part of them was given back to the rightful owner by the bailiff at the lord's instigation the rest of the iron remained in the hands of the bailiff for the use and behoof by the lord's approval to the value of 16d