Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

1.9.1644 (Sunday 1 September 1644)

document 70000125

September 1: This week besides particulars before god was good to me in my health, and in my families. and in preserving our town from the plague, in keeping our sick near the grave from falling into the same, in the hopes of raising some up again, lord sanctify thy hand to us all, my Friends Mr Benton and his wife with us which shortened my time for study, yet god enabled me in some measure for the Sabbath, god good to me in my course towards my family Lord keep us in perfect peace all the day long, subdue my corruptions, my sister Mary received her things from Walden which we feared had miscarried, Lord bless me in all my ways, direct me by thy spirit, help me against vain thoughts and imaginations and preserve me and mine, god gave us very good news this week, we h(e)ard of divers hop kilns burnt down at Captain Chipburnes , and Knights of Hinningham, we preserved from fire, Lord still keep us. we heard the lost ship belonging to Colchester was taken by the Irish rebels richly laden, Lord preserve ours in the waves; - oh be my god and of my spouse, and our seeds after us, fit me for my calling and condition, and bless me in the same. / I heard my Cousin Abrahams son was dead; my Cousin Benton miscarried and now through mercy up again, Lord let these things cause me to (my) love thee my god who spares mine and deals more gently with mine. and sanctify thy hand to them.