Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

17.1.1645 (Friday 17 January 1645)

document 70000535

17: This day one of the butchers brought me in a quarter of mutton, told not who sent it but went his way. I shall inquire whose love it was, and be thankful for the same. He that gives to the(e) poor lends to the Lord. I have often observed my liberality or rather my poor mite employed for the public, or upon others indigent has returned in with gain and advantage: I must observe the week: on monday I sent to my poor sister. 3s. and some other small things to others not worth the mentioning: now this week I received 9li. from Sir John Jacob which was in part due long before, and promised but was not paid until now, divers invitations of friends to their houses: one sends me a parcel of plums and sugar, another a quarter of good mutton, another a fat goose, another a capon and cheese, an unexpected income of a sum of money laid out before, and good to my family and nation(.)