Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

28.1.1645 (Tuesday 28 January 1645)

document 70000560

28: The county met to choose their officers, they waived their former Colonels and nominated Mr Harlakenden , Col: Mr Haynes Major of Horse: Mr Cooke : Col. Mr Crane . Liet: Coll. Jermaine , Major of foot, men honest and I hope faithful, how it will be reconciled with the former election I know not, but I fear: det bona deus: One Robert Davy of my town a butcher cutting out of meat, his son in law Kendall stood behind him, was struck with the cleaver upon the forehead dangerously, beat out his eye etc: Lord thy name by praised for my preservation, let this affliction do them good they have need of it!