Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

10.6.1645, 11.6.1945, 12.6.1645 (Tuesday 10 June 1645)

document 70000860

10. 11. 12: I was out with our regiment we marched to walden, muster(e)d(,) I sung psalms, prayed and spoke to our soldiers on the Common at Walden and also at Halsted, god was good to us in accommodating us, and preserving us, Mr Josselin of Chelmsford broke his leg at Walden his horse threw him, our soldiers resolute some somewhat dissolute, the Colonel was pleased to honour me to be his Comrade I shall never forget his great love and respect, I found my family well I praise god at my return, abundance of love made my wife grieve, for which I must the more respect and love her, I rode to my sister at Wenden I had not seen her in divers years, the Lord has made a difference in outward conditions I gave her and her children 6s. Lord you can do more than return it again to me