Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

18.9.1645 (Thursday 18 September 1645)

document 70001065

18: Marched in the head of two troops to Rounston in Derbyshire, thence to Ashby much infected with the plague, we faced the house: I prayed with the Council of War, we summoned the house. we drew off about night: lost 2 men: one shot in the breeches and yet had no hurt, killed one of the Cavaliers: heard the news of routing Montros Sept.13: the next day to the Fast: here I Ate some of my bread. we had no beer all day long: marched back to Ibstocke: rode in a pretty while before our troops; 6 men in town they said, of Leichfield. it scared our men and made them ready to run. I was in the house and heard nothing. I have cause for ever to praise god for the(e) mercies of this day. one of the men was slain on the ground where I had stood closely a little before not knowing of the pardue in the ditch who shot this man presently after.