Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

24.11.1645 (Monday 24 November 1645)

document 70001245

24: I had sought to god for my wife (that was oppressed with fears that she should not do well on this child,) that god would order all providences so as we might rejoice in his salvation, I had prayed with confidence of good success to her: about midnight on Monday: I rose called up some neighbours: the night was very light: goodman Potter willing to go for the midwife, and up when I went: the horse out of the pasture, but presently found: the midwife up at Buers, expecting it had been nearer day; the weather indifferent dry; midwife came, all things even gotten ready towards day. I called in the women by daylight, almost all came; and about 11 or 12 of the clock my wife was with very sharp pains delivered Nov:25. of her daughter intended for a Jane , she was then 25.y of age herself; we had made a good pasty for this hour, and that also was kept well, wife and child both well praise be my good and merciful father,