Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

8.12.1645, 28.1.1646 (Wednesday 8 December 1645)

document 70001360

[Long Hard Frost. 1645./] December: 8. at night, on Monday, new moon, it began to freeze, and so continued exceeding violent, the ice of wonderful thickness, after a months time it thawed, a little, and rained, but continued to freeze until Jan: 28. it begun to thaw, and rained; the frost wonderfully in the ground, and the ice of wonderful thickness, nigh half a yard in some places. a quarter of an ell at least in my pond: by reason of thaws it was wonderful glancy: the thaw was as earnest as the frost: admirable in its kind, the frost and ice was sooner out of the ground then expected: