Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

2.5.1646 (Saturday 2 May 1646)

document 70001570

May: 2: Good society at the Priory Mr Harlakenden returned safe from London. and his company, news that the King in a disguise was gone from Oxford: sic transit gloria mundi. a report that there was a charge drawn up against him about the death of King James: its reported when he was dressing of him, the Duke of Richmond asked him what he meant what he intended to do, and whither to go, he told him he must go, but whither he must not tell him, but I go said he to my friends and yours, whereupon some supposed he intended the Scots army and Country, but I imagine he intends either to lie hid somewhere or else for Ireland, which is most probable. this day on a sudden sitting by the window in the priory parlour I had such a noise at my ear, which I supposed had been a great night dor, and looked about for it, I presently perceived it was an exceeding noise in my head, it ceased without pain or hurt I bless god.