Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

23.9.1646 (Wednesday 23 September 1646)

document 70001910

Septemb: 23: This day was a day of much mercy, some friends failing me, I was supplied with a horse for my journey, and Mr Jeffrey Little rode with me; the day was exceedingly pleasant the like not in divers weeks before, I had like with a packhorse to have been beaten into a deep loam pit but god preserved me, I rode safe and returned safe praise to the Lord that kept me. I found my uncle Simon at home, I made a demand of the land before three witnesses, which is in the box with my writings of Mallories ; my uncle seemed persuaded and convinced of my right, and to deliver up the land to me without any suit or trouble, when I came home I was very ill, I had a great inclination to vomit, which through mercy I did and brought some water off my stomach, upon which I was well, went to bed and rested comfortably to the Lord be praise: whose steps are goodness towards me.