Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

27.9.1646 (Sunday 27 September 1646)

document 70001925

27: My distemper of cold and pose, continued and returned still, but without much present prejudice unto my gracious god be the praise, all the rest of my family in health, only my wife also complains of weakness in her back, this day the Lord was good to me in the work and duty of the day, he in mercy accept me and pardon and forgive my great failings, I was troubled with a pain on the right side of my head, yet praise be god I continued able to do my work, I received a letter from my uncles the Lord direct my spirit what to do(.) I made a motion to my people, that the year being out, if they continued their contribution and made it good 80li. a year I would continue with them god willing, if not I must cheerfully serve the providence of god: and so I do resolve by gods grace; Heard of the tumults at Halsted, the doctor pulled out of the pulpit great disorders, Lord this ought not to be thus. its thy mercy it is not so with me also. etc.