Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

11.10.1646 (Sunday 11 October 1646)

document 70001970

October: 11: This week my cold continued, it lay in my head and chest, it was very gentle, god was a mixer of mercy in my condition, the Lord was good to me and my family in our peace and in preserving of us, keeping us from scandalous sins: Springats daughter with child again as reported: god was good to me in the Sabbath, in the duties and exercise thereof, enabling me in some measure for it, the weather continued very wet and sad in respect of the season, little rye and maslin or wheat sown, the Lord in mercy, look upon us in regard of the season, the Lord pardon, and accept me./ This week I drew up a petition for augmentation of our means it was presented to Mr Grimston , who promises all fair respect, this was October.9 and 10. god in(,) mercy prosper our desires and give us favour in the eyes of them that have power, and means in their hands to do us good: