Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

10.12.1646 (Saturday 10 December 1646)

document 70002130

10: Met with divers of my friends and neighbours at my special friends house Mrs Church where we had sweet and good discourse about the love of god to the creature, and truly we know god loves us partim sensu by experience of the same, in the steps of his gracious providence, and not only by outward good things and partly by faith, in living upon him for love, as the fountain of it, this spirit witnesses to us that god loves us, blessed be the Lord that has not shut up his compassion towards me, but has kept me from sins, temptations, not suffered me to lie and live in the same(.) we pitch upon a method and order for our meeting, to discourse of the principles of religion, and begin, with mans creation, in what estate framed, and to what end framed. appointed our meeting at my house December. 25. following.