Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

23.12.1646 (Friday 23 December 1646)

document 70002170

December: 23: This day was a public fast, on the lords day morning in regard the monthly fast followed the next Wednesday die 30: I was in a doubt what to doe, whether to keep it or not, seeing I had no notice, but considering its my duty to call for a mercy as well as any mans else, and if I neglect I do my endeavour to continue the evil, I resolved to keep it, though without public notice, but that morning before sermon I received an order, which I published, and on tuesday. 22: I saw an order wherein the rents of 12li. per annum out of Feering: 12li. out of Witham: 15li. out of Wethersfeild and 36li. out of dunmow. in all 75li. was allowed towards the augmentation of my means, and the Ministers of Marskhall equally which is 37li.10s. yearly, and this the sequestrators are to pay at the due time, now its possible here may be some deductions, but I look upon it as a merciful providence, and question not but that the order will prove in some measure effectual, it was and I hope shall be a further encouragement to wait upon the service of god my experience of his providing for me; this day we kept and through mercy I was in some measure able for it, I found my cold a little in my voice, and in my head, the day was very precious and a very fair drying day, and the season was good and pleasant, to god be praise, answering our desires as it were before hand; I received a letter from my sister Dorothy to borrow 30s. of me, blessed be god I have to give or lend, though now in great straits for money, yet I intend either to give or lend, its better to give than to receive,