Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

28.12.1646 (Wednesday 28 December 1646)

document 70002190

28: My Uncle R. Josselin of Cranham with me, he went away this day, he brought me my 20li. when he went away he promised to buy me a colt and fit him for my saddle, a singular act of love, he related to me the sad fall of Mr Watson their Minister, who had gotten with child one of Mr Thurgoods daughters, and married her against friends consent, and one that was promised to another man(,) the act was foul especially from a minister, the lord humble him, and draw him nearer by his fall, oh gods goodness that keeps me, Lord I stand altogether by thy mercy and goodness oh keep me that I dishonour you not. heard of the distracted condition of Mr Huson of Halsted, oh how great are thy mercies towards me, received lately divers tokens of love from divers, mercies of my god towards me.