Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

29.1.1647 (Friday 29 January 1647)

document 70002275

29: Goodwife Potter . in testimony of my many acts of love to her and in testimony of her love to me gave me an 11s. piece. this love is from thee oh god, requite it fully into her bosom again,

I am now preparing for London to answer the suits of my Uncles about Josephs land my resolution is this (by gods grace) to repair to learned Counsel, and if they say the right is mine, to endeavour an arbitration, and make an end of the controversy peaceably if possible, and to stand to the end of the arbitrators whatsoever(.) if I have no right I will no way molest or trouble, but endeavour that those that have right may enjoy it; the issue I leave to the providence of god with cheerful and contented submission be it for my gain or not, as knowing his will is best, and had it not been for waiting on providence, and according to my Counsel's opinion that my case was good, I should not have looked after the estate(. )