Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

11.3.1647 (Thursday 11 March 1647)

document 70002380

11: Rode to London safe, met my uncle Simon , went down to Sergeant Turners he could not attend to end our business, went down to Westminster, we delivered two petitions to the Lords and Commons to remove the soldiers out of the County, the lords gave us thanks for our good affection, and promised to take it into consideration, went to Mr Kequickes , found his sister Elizabeth King sick of the smallpox; but in good hopes of her life, god good to me in keeping me from fear and distrust, though my heard wrought somewhat with fear upo(n) it; as I returned into London, I met my uncle Ri. and Hudson , we went together lay together, and that night and next morning, we concluded our business. I to enjoy the land, and to pay to them an 100li. came safe to Cranham.