Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

23.5.1647 (Sunday 23 May 1647)

document 70002535

May: 23: This week the Lord was very merciful to me and mine in many outward mercies, the rheum in my left eye that was some trouble to me, through mercy wholly stayed(,) my wife is faint, but I hope having weaned her daughter , she will gather strength: my little Jane pines and falls away, as if inclining to the rickets, the lord in his mercy to us preserve her, and strengthen her, and sanctify her, a comfort to me, a dark time for fears, murmurings, discontents, but in god is my refuge, this spring was forward yet all things continued excessively dear, if grass had not come on, our wants would have been very great, we had plenty of roses stilled some May.22: heard of Mr Ri: H. welfare at London, busy some part of this week in repairs at my little farm; the Lord was good to me in the Sabbath in the duties and exercises thereof, expounding and preaching, the Lord in mercy seal me with his holy spirit of adoption, and pardon all my failings, and be my god forever, and ever.