Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

4.7.1647 (Sunday 4 July 1647)

document 70002610

4: This week the Lord was good to me and mine in our peace, plenty, and many outward mercies to the glory of his grace, and my comfort: the Lord is pleased to give me to see into my weakness and frailty, how unable to walk in the presence of god uprightly as I ought, and how ready to wax wanton and abuse my mercies, the lord in mercy pardon me, and accept of my soul, and all this vanity on my spirit, even in the midst of these troublesome times, lord let me have power over all temptations for thy name sake the lord was good to me in the duty and work of the Sabbath, his presence with me in the word, but oh Lord you do not go out with your word to convince, and convert as of old, lord make me thoroughly search my heart, and see whether it is not for my sin, that the word is so ineffectual, lord honour thy truth in saving souls for thy own name sake.