Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

1.8.1647 (Sunday 1 August 1647)

document 70002680

Aug: I: This week the lord was good to me and mine, in many outward mercies; and although divers of us have colds, yet they seem not at present much to impair our health blessed be god, the lord lets me see into my weakness and inability for the great work that lies on my shoulders, the lord in mercy more enable me and pardon my failings: the lord gives me to see my vanity of mind, and proneness to mistakes, oh lord in mercy, prevent any root of bitterness from springing up for your name sake least I should be defiled: the lord arm my heart with a full resolution against every evil, and possess my heart with thy fear. the Lord was good to me, in the word, and duty of the Sabbath, oh make it to take impression together with these sad days, and pardon my weaknesses for thy most holy names sake.