Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

12.3.1648 (Sunday 12 March 1648)

document 70003205

March. 12. This week the lord merciful in restoring me to my health, so that on the lords day, I was neither tender nor weak as formerly and was able to expound and preach twice for ever blessed be his name, the lord has made us forget my son , who is dead and out of mind as to my sorrow, but I hope I shall remember his chastisement so as to be careful to walk closely with him: the lord good in giving me a heart to follow my studies, oh that it might continue, so that thereby I might be the more fitted for his service, and many vanities might be prevented, god kept me from temptations so that they have not dominion over me, I find old vanities ready to look me in the face, oh let me never give then entertainment again; the lord gave me to hear the news of the Indians their looking towards Jesus Christ, oh let them also find mercy, oh let them be grafted on, and let them become a people, and obtain mercy, for your Christs sake; heard from divers of my friends, yet there is peace, oh lord send forth thy truth among us and be thou our righteousness.