Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

23.3.1648 (Thursday 23 March 1648)

document 70003225

23: god has cast us into times of reproach, called us to act in matter of government; which is loaded with abundance of evil from many and those in the main good men, in and under all this with the grace of god helping me my resolution is: to take more care to my feet least I offend: watch my words least I speak amiss, and my heart that it be not impatient; also to be more faithful in the work of the ministry, and more careful to search into truths, putting on bowels of compassion towards others, and love to win them, and impatience possessing my soul trust and leave all with my god:. this day the wife of Richard Appleton was taken suddenly ill, so that all accounted her a dead woman, and some said she was dead, yet upwards again next morning, oh lord do it in mercy to her soul.