Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

27.9.1648 (Wednesday 27 September 1648)

document 70003600

27. P.F.: Heard before I arose in the morning that Mr R.H. was very sick with a vomit and looseness even to death, the Lord in mercy gave him recovery presently continue him to my comfort, this day was the P.F. whereon I preached, the lord was gracious and merciful to me in the same, I have a little stuffing cold that does a little trouble me, but in gods due time it shall wear away, this day and in sermon time fell down the bell great chimney, belonging to Sam: Burton , through gods mercy it did no great hurt to the house, neither was any person hurt with the fall of the same, to gods name be the praise of it: divers days before I judged it would fall where it did, and the day before and especially this morning I was confident it would stand, but a very short space,