Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

28.10.1648 (Saturday 28 October 1648)

document 70003645

28: This day 8 years, my dear wife and I were married; this day she was very ill and likely to swoon away, the lord good in giving her strength and removing her distemper, the lord increase our grace, and make our lives more serviceable to him and one anothers good, but good is god to me, in wife and children, and my comforts in them, oh sanctify them thou god of grace, this day I felt my navel sore; I had left the stuff lie in it, and whether that grated it or not I know not, but I found it at night, red, raw and moist, we applied unguentum album to it; to which the lord in his mercy give a blessing that it may have a perfect recovery, I have reason to trust in god, because of his former goodness, and I find him a god that answers prayer.